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"I purchased a new red 7x14 v-nose ramp door trailer from you on 12/19/05.  I was pleasantly surprised when ... the trailer was ready for pickup on Dec.27.  I arrived at the factory early that morning.  (The staff) treated my wife and I like we were old family friends. (The coffee was hot and appreciated) I inspected the trailer along with the shop supervisor with a fine eye to detail and did not find a single discrepancy.  They connected the trailer to my truck insured that lights and brakes worked properly and provided safety tips. Today is January 13th.  I have been using the trailer on the job since January 2nd. I installed work benches and shelves, and found the interior to be solid as a rock.  The only problem I incurred was removing the exterior 8-pointed torex head screws so I could letter the exterior with my company information.  The only torex bit we could locate was 6 pointed.  I called ... the factory; he took my call immediately and told me to use a square bit like the professionals in South Georgia.  You and the factory folks have provided excellent customer service.  More importantly, a very friendly and personal type of communication. Thank you very much. "
Tom Podolec
Here Comes Tom Handyman Service
Hampton, GA 

Buy a Trailer from The Trailer Showroom - We Make Buying Easy.

If you're looking to buy a trailer, then you've come to the right place!  The Trailer Showroom is a respected and trustworthy website for buying a trailer that's custom built at a price you can afford!  We specialize in cargo trailer sales including enclosed trailers, open deck trailers, car haulers, motorcycle trailers, and more. 

Our Cargo Trailer Prices are extremely competitive and we make every effort to offer the lowest prices around for our high quality trailer selection.  We invite you to shop around and we feel confident that The Trailer Showroom offers the best quality and standard equipment options at the best trailer prices.  Take a look at the trailer pricing for our selection of 8.5 x 20 foot car haulers, 7x14 foot tandem axle trailers, gooseneck equipment trailers, and our gooseneck deck over trailers for a sampling of our current trailer prices.

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Our Business:

We are not a traditional trailer lot. All of our trailers are manufactured specifically for, and to the specifications of the customer who places the order for them. In this way each customer gets exactly the trailer and options that they want without having to pay for options that they don't want, and without having to settle for whatever just happens to be sitting out on a lot. Your trailer is absolutely new because it was manufactured specifically for you. We are a factory direct distributor associated with a number of top-rated manufacturers. You must pre-order your trailer and allow us the time necessary to have it custom manufactured for you. Payment of the balance due on your trailer is generally expected within two weeks of completion. Your new trailer will carry a full manufacturer's warranty. Please note that though we do our best to keep our website updated daily, due to rapid raw materials price changes and manufacturer price changes due to Covid influenced supply chain issues which are out of our control, website pricing, final pricing upon completion, the appearance of specific optional equipment, and / or specifications, and the availability of optional equipment are subject to change without notice.

Trailer Delivery/Shipping Schedule:

All cargo trailers are manufactured in the order in which customer orders are received. Trailer manufacture times vary depending on which facility you have your trailer manufactured at, the size and type trailer ordered, the number and complexity of options added to the order, and our work load/back log at the time that your order is placed. Any manufacture time given to you by our representatives is an estimate and only an estimate. Manufacture times may vary depending on any number of things that could cause the manufacture time to be longer or shorter than originally anticipated.

Trailer Pick Up And Shipping Options:

(1) You are more than welcome to come and pick up your finished trailer at the manufacturing facility that you placed your order from.  Enclosed trailers are picked up in Douglas, GA / Elkhart, IN / Waco TX / Independence, OR.  Open deck trailers are picked up in Baxley, Georgia. Aluminum frame trailers are picked up in Elkhart, Indiana. Once the balance due on your trailer is paid your certificate of origin will be generated by the manufacturer and mailed to us for an authorized signature and to be notarized. The original certificate will be mailed out to you after it has been signed by an authorized representative of our company and notarized. At that same time you will also be mailed your final bill of sale. Once you arrive at your destination and the original certificate reaches you in the mail, you simply take the original certificate of origin as well as the bill of sale to your local license plate office (DMV office) where the DMV will issue a title and tags for your state. A number of states allow for the towing of trailers for up to 30 days after purchase before formal titling is required. If you tow to or through a state that does not allow for this and you want to register and tag the trailer prior to picking it up, you may submit the funds necessary to pay your balance in advance of your arrival. Upon receipt and verification of funds and upon your written request we will mail you the documentation necessary for you to obtain a title and tags in advance. With laws differing in every state we have no way of keeping track of the laws governing this issue in every state. It is up to the customer to make the determination whether they wish to title and tag their trailer in advance. Do not try to title or tag your new trailer without having the original certificate of origin and bill of sale in hand. This will only result in you wasting the better part of a day at the licensing agency just to find that you have to come back with the original documents.

NOTE: We do not do our own shipping. We hire outside freight companies to do it for us, so we are at the mercy of their rates.

(2) As a customer service we can usually arrange for delivery of your trailer to you anywhere in the lower 48 United States or Alaska. If you are from Canada, we can arrange for the delivery of your trailer to the border crossing of your choice and in some cases all the way into Canada. For our overseas customers, we can arrange for delivery to the port and freight forwarding company of your choice within the lower 48 United States. Delivery charges are based on "loaded miles" and are calculated by the freight company at the time that the trailer is completed and ready for shipping. For estimated shipping costs the following rates can be used. Keep in mind that these are only approximate rates. Freight companies change their rates almost daily based on fuel prices among other things. $1.65 per loaded mile for delivery of a 16 foot or less length trailer, $1.75 per loaded mile for delivery of an 18 to 32 foot length trailer, $2.34 per loaded mile for delivery of a 34 to 42 foot trailer, and $2.54 per loaded mile for delivery of trailers 44 feet or more in length. Multiple trailer deliveries (all on the same loaded truck) can be approximated at a rate of $2.75 per loaded mile for as many trailers as the freight company can fit onto a load. You only pay for the miles traveled "one way" during delivery. If you are interested in more than one trailer, we will gladly have shipping combined where possible. The freight companies charge a minimum of 200 miles. For example if you are only having your trailer shipped 95 miles, the freight company will still charge for 200 miles. We handle each shipment on a case by case basis and always try to get our customers the best shipping rate possible. If you have your trailer shipped, the balance due on the trailer as well as the shipping charge must be paid in full prior to the trailer leaving the manufacturing facility. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Minimum Deposit:

We will accept a security deposit based on the total price of your trailer and immediately charged to your card at the time your order is submitted, with the balance due at the time that you pick your trailer up. Should you desire to have your trailer delivered, your balance as well as all freight charges will be due at any point BEFORE your trailer is delivered. If your trailer is an extremely customized unit that we would have difficulty trying to resell should you not come to pick it up after it's completion, we may require an additional non-refundable deposit amount in advance of production to help protect our company as well as our materials suppliers.

Am-Ex Not Accepted 

Cargo Trailer Sales

Cargo Trailer Sales

Forms of Payment Accepted:

We accept VISA, Master Card, Discover Card, PayPal, certified check, money order, or bank wire transfer. Deposits must be received before your order is processed.  Customers wishing to use PayPal for your deposit should call us at 1-877-TRAILER (877-458-7245) to place your order. We're sorry for any inconvenience, but we do not accept American Express.

NOTE: For all international transactions (with the exception of Canadian orders) we only accept bank wire transfers as a form of payment for deposits, balances, and/or shipping. There is simply too much risk associated with accepting credit cards or checks of any kind from overseas. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

PLEASE NOTE:  Though we do accept VISA, Discover Card, or Master Card for your deposit amount,  We DO NOT accept credit / debit cards for the payment of your final balance. This is due to the fact that our credit / debit card processing company charges us a percentage of the total transaction amount for every transaction made using a credit / debit card. The use of credit / debit cards for the small deposit that we require to process your order is acceptable because the deposit amount is not enough to impose a very large burden of cost on us, and because this allows us to more rapidly process your order. Payment of your balance amount by credit or debit card would add a significant amount of cost that is not already built into our pricing to the process.

Refund And Balance Payment Policy:

At The Trailer Show Room, each trailer is custom built to your specifications right here in the USA.  Once your order is placed and processed, construction of your trailer begins immediately. Because your trailer is "made to order" and because our salespeople work on a commission basis and are immediately compensated for their work, your deposit amount is considered to be non-refundable. Once your custom trailer's frame has been welded or at our discretion is beyond that point in the production process you are legally obligated to pay the remaining balance due on the trailer once it is complete. We only state this because we have had a few incidents over the years where customers waited until they were contacted and told that their trailer was complete to tell us that their situation had changed and that they either no longer needed a trailer or that their financial situation no longer allowed them to pay for their trailer. We are sympathetic to those situations but the reality is that by that point we have invested a great deal of our time and funds in your trailer. Because it is a custom trailer and because we are not a "trailer lot" (we are factory direct to the public) it isn't likely that we will be able to sell it to another customer in a reasonable time period, if ever, depending on the extent of the customization.

The Trailer Showroom

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