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Enclosed Cargo Trailers From Our Elkhart, IN Facility

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Elkhart, IN is well known for being the top manufacturing location for recreational vehicles in the country. It's even home to the RV/MH Hall of Fame! takes their trailer manufacturing straight to the experts to bring you top-of-the-line enclosed trailers. Shop products on this page to have your custom enclosed trailer manufactured and ready for pick-up at our Elkhart, Indiana facility.

If Elkhart is not an ideal location for you, please visit our enclosed trailer selections available for pick up in Georgia, Oregon, and Texas. Prices vary by location.

All trailers come with white exterior but can be custom colored from among our cargo trailer colors (small fee applies). Hundreds of other options and add-ons are also available on enclosed trailers ordered from our Elkhart, IN facility.

Choose single axle or tandem axle for the enclosed trailer size you want.

Click the appropriate button to see a list of available options and trailer prices for the trailer size that you need.

If you don't see the enclosed trailer size you need, call or email us!  We can usually custom build to your specifications!

5 Foot Width Cargo Trailers

5 Foot Width Trailers and Optional Equipment

5X8 Single Axle 5X10 Single Axle

5X12 Single Axle

5X14 Single Axle

6 Foot Width Cargo Trailers

6 Foot Width Trailers and Optional Equipment

6X8 Single Axle 6X10 Single Axle 6X12 Single Axle

6X14 Single Axle

6X10 Tandem Axle 6X12 Tandem Axle 6X14 Tandem Axle

6X16 Tandem Axle

6X18 Tandem Axle 6X20 Tandem Axle 6X22 Tandem Axle

6X24 Tandem Axle

7 Foot Width Cargo Trailers

7 Foot Width Trailers and Optional Equipment

7X8 Single Axle 7X10 Single Axle 7X12 Single Axle 7X14 Single Axle
7X10 Tandem Axle 7X12 Tandem Axle 7X14 Tandem Axle

7X16 Tandem Axle

7X18 Tandem Axle 7X20 Tandem Axle 7X22 Tandem Axle

7X24 Tandem Axle

8 Foot Width Trailers and Optional Equipment

8X10 Tandem Axle 8X12 Tandem Axle 8X14 Tandem Axle

8X16 Tandem Axle

8X18 Tandem Axle 8X20 Tandem Axle 8X22 Tandem Axle

8X24 Tandem Axle

8 1/2  Foot Width Gooseneck Trailers and Optional Equipment ( Available from the Elkhart, IN or the Ocilla, GA Facilities )

8.5X26 Gooseneck Trailer 8.5X28 Gooseneck Trailer 8.5X30 Gooseneck Trailer

8.5X32 Gooseneck Trailer

8.5X34 Gooseneck Trailer 8.5X36 Gooseneck Trailer 8.5X38 Gooseneck Trailer

8.5X40 Gooseneck Trailer

8.5X42 Gooseneck Trailer 8.5X44 Gooseneck Trailer 8.5X46 Gooseneck Trailer

8.5X48 Gooseneck Trailer

8 1/2  Foot Width Fifth-Wheel Trailers and Optional Equipment ( Available from the Elkhart, IN or the Ocilla, GA Facilities )

8.5X26 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer 8.5X28 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer 8.5X30 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer

8.5X32 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer

8.5X34 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer 8.5X36 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer 8.5X38 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer

8.5X40 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer

8.5X42 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer 8.5X44 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer 8.5X46 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer

8.5X48 Enclosed Fifth-Wheel Trailer

Concession Trailer

Concession Trailer Options

For the customization of your concession trailer please select your preferred trailer size from the choices listed above and then choose your concession options from either the short list of options on the trailer page, or choose from a list of more than 400 options on our extensive Master Options Page.

The pick-up location of the trailer models listed on this page is our manufacturing facility in Elkhart, IN

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